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If you love golf and is considering having a golf event, here are some facts about golf that you might find interesting. The term golf comes from the Dutch term kolf which means club. What some claim that golf is an acronym for gentlemen only, ladies forbidden is totally not true. In 1457, King James II of Scotland banned golf because he believed that the popularity of the sport was distracting the military thoroughness of the Scots. The first golf club was established in 1744, the Gentlemen Golfere of Leigh. It was actually an annual completion and the price was a silver golf club. The term fore, golf as a way to warn others to watch out ahead actually came from the words, afore or before which probably originated from military use. As for your own handicap, you may not know this but 80 percent of all golfers never really have less than 18 handicap. So there is no reason to feel bad about your own handicap. Now, going down to the business of planning a charity golf even, here are three key factors that you should consider to have a successful Delaware golf event.

First and the most important thing to consider is the golf experience that you can offer to the participants. You have to remember that supported your cause but they also expect to enjoy the tournament itself. By inviting them to the charity golf tournament, you are promising them a good time otherwise you could have solicited money from them. As such, you need to consider the Wilmington delaware golf courses where you might have the event. Since there are several Delaware golf courses, choose the one that would be best for your guests. For example, you might want to look at Wilmington golf courses that are known to hold similar events. You might also want to consider how secluded the Wilmington golf courses are for the privacy of your guests. And of course you should consider the Wilmington golf courses based on the level of your participants.

Another thing to consider in having a successful charity golf tournament is the food and beverages. You are not having a little league game in the park. This is a charity event, one that participants expect to socialize and enjoy the event. As such, it is imperative that you offer them the best lunch or dinner. You should therefore compare the Wilmington golf courses to see how they handle catering. What about the drinks. All these you have to consider when comparing the Wilmington golf courses.

Third, consider the support that the Wilmington golf courses can offer you in terms of planning and preparation for the event. Some Wilmington golf courses will let you take care of everything without giving you any assistance. Some will only give you assistance during the day. You should therefore find one that is an expert in such event and extends its assistance before, during and after the event.

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