In the video above, the reporter presents a recently launched product known as the Radar Coach, a device categorized under sports radar guns. The reporter expresses enthusiasm for gadgets and highlights the Radar Coach’s versatility and affordability, particularly in comparison to other radar guns. The device allows users to set the speed measurement in either miles per hour or kilometers per hour.

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The reporter demonstrates the various controls on the back of the radar gun, including speed measurement settings and voice functionality.

The second part of the video showcases how the reporter uses the Radar Coach during tennis practice sessions. The handle of the radar gun can be extended to create a tripod, allowing for easy setup during group lessons. The reporter emphasizes the importance of recording serves sequentially to avoid overlapping measurements. The video illustrates the practical application of the Radar Coach in measuring serve speeds during tennis practice, creating an engaging and beneficial training tool.

In the final segment, the reporter shares an additional use for the Radar Coach – measuring racket head speed across different strokes. By placing the radar gun at a specific location, the reporter demonstrates how players can measure and compare racket head speeds for forehands and backhands. The video concludes with the reporter praising the Radar Coach’s affordability and applications.


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