onetwinWelcome to Twins Pro Store’s internet vestibule! I’m Randy Macintyre, co-owner and co-founder of your premier venue for twin-teraction! Our store works on a cover charge model –- Patrons pay a reasonable fee and are allowed to stay in our store for two hours. The store itself is a beautifully furnished lounge with all the major amenities. There are plush velvet sofas, chic furniture, tall yellow champagne flutes served up by professional mixologists at our cocktail bar, and live Djs spinning tunes. At all hours, the lounge is full of professional twins, who are paid to hang around and have a good time with the store’s visitors. There is a strict policy against anything untoward happening, so don’t get the wrong idea. Our store is simply a way for those who are curious, excited, or confused about twins to come and spend some time around them. In this way we hope to help normalize twins in the public eye. They deserve to be able to walk this earth without people staring at them or asking embarrassing questions about psychic bonds & such. We are considering installing a petting zoo full of animal twins onsite, most likely in a year or two. Board game nights are on Thursdays, teams of 2 only! I was originally inspired to get into the twin hospitality industry thanks to my longstanding admiration of the Minnesota Twins baseball team. They always played a mean game. Their devotion to twins led me to form a similar devotion. On this site you’ll see posts about all kinds of subjects that interest me, but mostly baseball. Keep it real, and double your fun!

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