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Camping is one of the most popular vacation and leisure activities in the United States and doesn’t show any signs of stopping. In fact, three million more Americans went camping in 2012 than in 2010. It’s a great opportunity to enjoy the outdoors and get away from the hustle-and-bustle of the every day modern lifestyle. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran, or first-time camper there are a few camping supplies you’re going to want to remember to bring with you. Camping equipment is a $1.8 billion industry in the United States. On top of the essential necessities every camping checklist should have (toothbrush, water, food..) here are three important camping needs to make turn a good trip into a great one.

    1.) Activities and Sports Equipment: Even if you’re not the athletic type, camping is the perfect time to get some physical exercise and participate in sports. There is plenty of space and usually plenty of neighboring campers to get a game or contest going. If you want to be one of the most popular sites in the campground be sure to pack a Frisbee, football, soccer ball, and whatever other activities and games that suit your fancy. Don’t worry, 84% of campers participate in multiple outdoor activities so you’re bound to find interest no matter what you choose. You could include adventure gear such as a GoPro camera and mountain bike if you really want to get daring.

    2.) Variety of Clothing: No matter what you can never bring enough clothing options. Not in terms of style, for camping supplies you need functionality. Regardless of the time of year and location you’re going to want to bring clothes for virtually any type of weather. Mother nature can be a fickle thing and the last you want is to be caught in a tent during a rain or snowstorm with nothing to keep you warm. Or, in a colder environment you might get a nice day where you’ll be longing for more adventure clothing like shorts and a t-shirt. Just keep in mind, you can always choose not to wear something, but once you leave it’s much harder to find clothes out in the wild.

    3.) Flashlights: This might seem like camping supplies common sense, and it should be. That doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be reinforced though. Flashlights will be your best friend when stumbling out of a tent in the pitch dark to make a trip to the latrine. Also, make sure to bring a spare set of batteries (or two).

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Camping checklist

Each year, approximately 43 million Americans head to the wilderness to camp out, and that number is steadily increasing. Between 2010 and 2012, another three million Americans joined in the fun of going camping. But whether you’re roughing it in the woods or living it up in a cabin, you’ll need plenty of camping gear in order to make your trip the getaway you need.

No matter where or when you’re going camping, here are just a few things to add to your camping checklist when you look for camping supplies at your local adventure gear store.

    1. Tent: Unless you plan on staying in a cabin or sleeping under the stars, a tent should be your number one item on your camping checklist. Camping tents come in all sizes, so be sure to pick one with the right capacity for you and your fellow campers but also one that is portable, especially if you will be hiking to your campsite. If you’re a camping novice, make sure to choose a tent that is fairly easy for you to set up.

    2. Sleeping Bags: In order to stay comfortable and warm in the evening, a sleeping bag is invaluable for just about any camper. If you’re sleeping outside of a tent, you may need something waterproof in case of rain. Above all, make sure that both comfort and portability are available to you in your sleeping bag choices.

    3. Backpacks: If hiking is part of your camping trip, make sure that you have the right backpacking gear for your trip. As many as 84% of campers will participate in more than one outdoor activity, and hiking is among the most popular choices. A good camping backpack should be able to hold everything you need and not weigh you down.

    4. Flashlights and Other Safety Gear: Nobody wants to get lost in the woods at night without a light source to guide them, so make sure you have a flashlight and plenty of batteries packed. In addition to a flashlight, you’ll also want to remember supplies like a first aid kit in case of an emergency. Camping is fun, but you also need to remember safety for you and your friends or family.

    5. Cookware and Food: Finally, if you’re heading into the great outdoors, make sure you have enough food for your trip, along with something to cook it in. Even if you plan on hunting or fishing during your camping trip, you should be sure to pack foods that won’t spoil easily and will give you enough energy for your outdoor activities. Trail mix, for instance, is a popular choice among campers. Also, don’t forget to stay hydrated with plenty of water in your canteen.

Want to know what else you should include on your camping checklist? Visit your local sporting goods store today to find out what else you might need. You can also leave a comment below. More like this.

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