Among middle class Americans, buying and using a private boat is a very popular pastime, especially given how around 95% of Americans live within an hour’s drive of a navigable body of water. It is estimated that 72% of private boat owners live in households with income under $100,000, meaning that there are plenty of well to do Americans owning these vehicles. For prospective buyers, finding a good boat dealer is essential, whether a retail company or a private seller with a used boat to offer. Used boats for sale can be a good deal, although buyers must be wary of any damage or wear and tear from previous use. Pontoon boats, meanwhile, are bigger than most other privately owned boats, and buying one has its own list of strategies when buying from a boat dealer. Boats for sale in Michigan, for example, can be easily used in some of the Great Lakes.

Boats sell well in the United States and are part of a huge indus Read more: “Buying New and Used Boats”

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