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The main concerns associated with the extensive drought in California might be for making sure people have water for showering and getting a drink every time they are thirsty. However, the unreasonably dry spell could end up having a drastic impact on the boating industry. Not only are boaters concerned about whether or not they’ll be able to keep boats in the water all year, many who normally would buy a new toy for the summer aren’t doing so.
“Our business has been off because the attitude is ‘What the hell do I want to buy a boat for? I can’t put it in the water,'” said Don Galey, president of Galey’s Marine. “The lakes are down between 87 and 96 percent. Even launching ramps don’t go down that far. So yes, it is a crisis. The good news is we could play catch-up in a hurry.”
Whether you are lucky enough to be one of the Californians who hasn’t had your boating experience impacted by the drought, want to prepare for next year, or just live somewhere else, now is as good a time as any to upgrade your dock. There are a number of difference accessories that you can add to improve both the aesthetic and functionality of your dock. One of the simplest additions is pile caps.
Simply put, pile caps are used to top the piles that hold up your dock. You might want to add them to help make sure you don’t get splinters if they are made out of wood, to keep birds from landing and making a mess, or just to improve the look of your dock. They are easy to install and the best ones are often made out of polyethylene which is lightweight but highly durable.
Of course, pile caps aren’t the only item you can add to your dock. In addition, you might want to think about adding dock boxes that allow you to store all of your boating essentials so you don’t need to make trips back and forth to the car every time you want to go out. Plus, a power pedestal is a necessity for making sure your boat’s battery doesn’t drain. Regardless of the specific items you choose to install, always be sure to use strong dock hardware made out of galvanized steel to ensure durability in often-harsh marine environments.
Not being able to get out on the water can be disheartening, especially during a hot dry spell when using your boat would be the best way to cool down. But if you can’t get out, it might be the perfect time to upgrade your dock so you’ll be ready to go when water levels rise again.

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Dock boxes

Going out on the lake or ocean on your boat and soaking up the sun is a great way to spend a sunny summer day. In fact, more than 40 million Americans go boating every year. However, if you don’t have time to lounge all afternoon or even go on “A three hour tour, a three hour tour,” then you might just want to head out on the dock and take a dip. But if you don’t have a walk-in beach that gives you easy access to the water, you will definitely need a dock ladder that allows you to get in and out quickly and easily.

Essentially, dock ladders look and function exactly like any you would see around a pool. They are generally made out of metal and plastic to be able to handle the rigors of constantly sitting in the water, but they could also be made out of heavily treated wood. No one choice is necessarily better than any other, and every swimmer will have individual preferences. But finding the right ladder is important for anyone who wants to make sure that they always have the ability to easily hop into the lake or pond and take a dip, even if they don’t have time to head out onto the boat.

Even if you have the free time during an afternoon or weekend, you might not want to take the boat out. It can be nice to just lay out on a floating dock and work on your tan and running a boat all day can be costly, especially since the cost of boat fuel is generally at least a dollar more than car fuel in the same area. But since it gets hot laying out or just hanging with friends, having a dock ladder that makes it easy to jump in for a refreshing dip is always a good idea.

Though dock ladders are quite useful, there are other pieces of dock hardware you should also think about installing. Power pedestals can give you the power you need for lighting or just charging a cellphone or stereo while out enjoying the water, and dock boxes are perfect for storage in marine areas. There are a number of additions that can help make your dock as enjoyable as possible, and using them is the best way to be prepared for both parties on the boat and afternoons lounging on the dock.

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