Like dirt bikes, sea doos are becoming a popular hobby and sport in recent years. As much as homeowners would like to do the fixing on their own, it is not highly advisable as they aren’t as expert as most sea doo mechanics do. Here’s how sea doo dealers should service your sea-doo and not you.

How do sea doo mechanics service your sea doo?

1. The first thing that most sea doo dealers do when servicing is to ensure that all controls are correct. They have to make sure that the steering through the angle of the jet pump at the back is all correct.

2. After the first step, the next thing is to check for the throttle and intelligent brake and reverse controls. These are controlled, so most sea doo dealers connect your sea-doo to a bud system or a service technician software to ensure every button functions accordingly. It gives sea doo dealers in Michigan complete control of the sensor Read more: “Why You Should Not Self-Service Your Sea Doo”

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