The American boating industry is a big one, and many households today include at least one person who owns a boat and often uses it. And plenty more people who don’t own a boat instead rent them for fishing or water sports, or they may ride on board a friend or relative’s boat all year round. All of this supports a large industry for selling new and used vessels such as pontoon boats, speedboats, and of course, boating accessories such as carpeting or decals. Boat dealers may be found across the United States, sometimes far from the nearest body of water, and they may offer new models of boats and boating accessories as well. Marine retailers may also have many boating accessories in stock for upgrading boats or maintenance on older vessels. How big is the boating industry today, and how often are Americans going out on the water?

Boating Today

Who are buying all of thes Read more: “Finding the Right Boat For You”

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Are you considering a trip to your local boat dealers soon? Has buying a fishing boat been on your mind lately? Before you decide to go and buy the item that will be your favorite new hobby it’s time to go a bit of research so that you know what you should be going to your boat dealers to keep a look out for. Before you know it, you’ll be spending all day out on the water catching dinner and taking in all of your surroundings from sun up to sun down.

Considering that 95% of Americans live within an hour’s drive of a body of water that they can boat in, boating has become one of America’s best past times. We hope that weather you’re looking for a brand new boat or a used boat for sale we can help you to make the decision as to which boat is the right type for you to decide to take home and set sail with.

Pontoon boats

Because a pontoon boat relies on pontoons to float that is where it Read more: “Where Do You Fit Within The Wide World Of Boating?”

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