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Horse riding has traditionally been a popular pastime and sport. Today, in the United States, it is more popular than ever. It is currently estimated as a $112 billion industry and accounts for more than 460,000 full time jobs. As more and more riders gear up, it is important that they be outfitted properly with the right equestrian clothes to ensure a safe and stylish riding experience. Here are some things to know about equestrian clothes.

Horseback riding helmets are arguable the most important pieces of any horseback riding attire. These are meant, first and foremost, to keep riders safe in the event of a fall. Riders should make sure that their helmet is in good working order and fits correctly. Also, the helmet should be placed on the head before mounting the horse as you will not always be able to predict the horses movements.

Other important aspects of equestrian clothes are riding boots. These should always have low tread for the safest and most successful riding experience. Preferences for boots vary greatly. Some prefer Tredstep riding boots, while others prefer Ariat riding boots, and so on.

Finding the right equestrian clothes and gear can create a much more comfortable and enjoyable riding experience for both the rider and horse. More information on horseback riding apparel can be found online. More.

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