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“My idea of superwoman is someone who scrubs her own floors,” Bette Midler, an American singer and songwriter, once said. Getting floors clean is an endless endeavor. It can seem like new spots of crumbs appear the second you put the broom away, and kids, adults and pets alike are perpetually getting strange substances mixed into surfaces, requiring you to figure out cleaning solutions you never had to know before. Are you dealing with a particularly tough stain? Here are three cleaning tips for different dirty floor situations.

How to Get Silly Putty Out of a Carpet

Someone had the bad sense to give your child that notorious egg-shaped putty, which is fun at first but quickly becomes full of dirt and hair. Inevitably, a child experiments with pressing it on carpet, or it gets squished there. How can you get it out? Remove as much putty as you can by scraping it with a spoon or dull knife. Then moisten a cotton ball with rubbing alcohol. Blot at the putty. Use a cloth to scrub the area gently. Continue blotting and scrubbing until the putty is gone.

How to Remove White Water Stains from a Wooden Floor

White stains, often rings from glasses, happen when moisture penetrates wood finish, but not the wood itself. First, rub mineral oil on the stain with a rag, and see if this reduces the stain after being left overnight. If not, progress to mineral spirits, which is a mild solvent. If mineral spirits do not work, try using a mixture of toothpaste (not gel) and baking soda. Once you’re done re-treating your wood, you will need to apply more furniture polish.

How to Clean a Weight Room Floor

A weight room floor made of rubber will require rubber floor cleaning products. Since these floors are made from synthetic materials, you don’t want to throw just any sort of soap or cleaning product at them. High traffic areas like weight room floors will likely have a buildup of grime and dirt from various participants. Rubber floor cleaning should involve daily sweeping, and weekly scrubs using rubber floor cleaner and a backpack vacuum.

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