If you’re an outdoorsy person who loves things like hunting and fishing then you probably know the perils of the outdoors. It can be wet and muddy and uncomfortable at times without the proper protection. This is where items like wading shoes and wading boots come in handy.

There’s a large variety of waders to choose from and each one has its own function. If you’re considering buying some waterproof waders then it helps to know what the different types are.

Neoprene vs Breathable

Waders come in two different materials that you can choose from. Neoprene is a thicker, more insulated option that is great for colder places because they trap in heat. They can get uncomfortable in hot weather, although newer neoprene designs offer a little more comfort in the heat than the ones of the past. The other option is breathable waders that allow water vapors to escape the boot and make them more comfortable in warm climates. They are still waterproof and work well in most seas Read more: “What’s the Difference Between Wader Types?”

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