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Although the popularity of soccer in the United States is still growing, it has been the most popular sport in the world for decades. Despite the fact that baseball, football, basketball, and hockey remain more popular in the U.S. than soccer, soccer is the fastest-growing team sport in North America, and offers some substantial advantages and benefits over the aforementioned team sports.

When you compare soccer to baseball, football, basket ball, and hockey, one of the first things you’ll probably notice is the equipment and safety gear that is required. When it comes to football, hockey, and baseball, it is impossible to play a serious game without a significant amount of expensive gear. As far as hockey is concerned, the equipment is only half the story, as you need a large area of ice to play.

Of all the sports mentioned above, only basketball compares to soccer when it comes to the least amount of gear. But it is lot easier to fashion a suitable hockey goal than a ten foot basketball hoop. While basketball courts are fairly easy to come by in most communities, it is possible to play a pickup game of soccer on any grass field. It is because of soccer’s accessibility that summer soccer camps and soccer schools in NJ are becoming so popular.

While fun is the biggest reason most kids choose to attend soccer summer camps and soccer schools in NJ, parents will be pleased by the fitness benefits of soccer. When compared to the aforementioned popular American sports, only basketball comes close to soccer in terms of constancy of activity and motion, yet soccer requires the highest fitness level than even basketball.

If you are a parent who is interested in getting your child into a healthy team sport, soccer is probably the best and most affordable. And by investing in a good pair of cleats and shin guards, you child could be well on his or her way to more fun and better fitness.

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