River fishing techniques

There is nothing quite like the great outdoors. Everything from boating to hiking to camping are the beloved hobbies of many a modern American and, as such, many outdoor recreation spots are designed to lovingly craft the vacation you deserve. If you’re considering fishing excursions for vacation or a holiday outing, consider applying for Alaska lodging. This beautiful state not only has an incredible view, it’s considered a prime destination for fishing boat tours and beautiful cabin life alike.

Fishing In The U.S.

Fishing is a lucrative industry both stateside and international. The U.S. supports over 800,000 jobs in fish catching, packaging, statistics and marketing. It’s been found that over 10 million youths, from young children to older teenagers, went fishing in 2013 alone. When it comes to ideal fishing, few states compare to the glory of Alaska.

Finding An Alaska Fishing Lodge

While you could choose to stay at a hotel, Alaska fishing vacation packages can give you everything you need and more while you’re on your trip. Your lodge of choice is decorated with beautiful fishing cabin decor, situated close by so you can go on a fishing trip or even do bear watching without traveling too far. They often have spots for BBQ, full kitchens and sometimes saunas for relaxation after a long trip.

Fishing And Boating

Fishing cabin decor is one thing, but what about actually fishing? Freshwater fishing is considered the most popular type of fishing, with over 28 million anglers devoting a whopping 460 million days to the angling sport. While different boats come in a multitude of sizes depending on the group you’re with, the average salmon boat is around 37 feet long. Make sure to dress for the weather, as certain Alaskan areas can be very cold or very hot depending on the season.

Prime Alaskan Fishing Spots

Last, but not least, one of the best spots to get a great catch is the popular Soldotna Bridge across the Kenai River. Peak spawning usually occurs in mid-July, with around 72% of early-fish showing up at that time. With popular fishing spots, a beautiful view and lovely fishing cabin decor to get you pumped up, you’ll find yourself wanting for little with Alaska fishing, boating and lodging.

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