What makes you perform better during a practice round…the meal you ate an hour ago or the sports equipment you use?

Anyone with even a surface familiarity with golf and football would say it’s both. You’d be right! If there’s anything you can count on to stay strong during the unpredictable week, though, it’s definitely your sports equipment. When you have to rush out the door to head to practice your sticky football glove juice will make sure your grip is as strong as ever. When you’re weary after a particularly intense session you can rely on a soft towel to keep your spirits high. Sports enthusiasts and complete newcomers alike, keep on reading.

This is the equipment you should have on hand at all times to keep your performance looking good.

Did You Know?

Here are some interesting facts you may or may not know about your favorite sport. Golf is one of just two sports that was played on the moon (and one distinction that won’t soon be matched). The estimated odds of hitting two holes-in-one in just one round is nearly as rare, with estimates sitting pretty at one out of 65 million matches. Oakland University’s Kassandra Komma holds the record for having made two in nine holes. For the football fans out there, football games used to be nearly 70 minutes long, later being shortened during President Theodore Roosevelt’s time in office.

Sticky Football Glove Juice

You buy better equipment to enhance your performance and give you something to count on amid the chaos. Tiny details like slippery palms or a loose grip can compromise your ability to make that last, coveted point. Sticky football glove juice can be applied before each match, improving your grip almost immediately and lasting for hours. When it starts to get too tacky? Simply rinse it off and reapply once the surface has dried again.

Football Towels

What’s worse than slippery palms? Sweat dripping in your eyes and tickling the back of your neck. Alongside some good sticky football glove spray you should consider the golf ball washer towel or football towel to cure what ails you. They’re the perfect size, able to be whipped out and tucked away easily. They’re also made out of highly absorbent material, even more so than regular towels. You need every last bit of quality to get the most out of your match.

Best Golf Grips For Sweaty Hands

When you don’t have time to apply that liquid grip? Consider grabbing some golf grips you can just strap on and use all day long. According to data from the National Golf Foundation’s study, the highest percentage of core golfers came in the 30 year-old age group, compromising nearly 20% of all golfers. The year 2018 alone saw an impressive 15% of respondents between the ages of 18 and 30 playing golf, however. Whether you’re new to this sport or have been going at it for a few years, a golf grip will keep your sanity where it needs to be.

Maintaining Your Sports Equpiment In 2019

Not only do you need to get better equipment, you need to take good care of it. Second skin gloves are flexible and thin, able to feel like they’re not even on half the time. You should still wash them to keep their texture, as a constant abundance of sweat and dirt can erode even the best materials. Sticky spray and football glove juice should also be rinsed off the ball after every session. It’s the little things that will go into keeping your performance impressive and your scores high.

Give yourself the best chance at success. See what washer towels or sticky football glove spray does to crank up your good performance into something great.

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