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The great outdoors! Part of the American identity is built on a close relationship with nature, being out in the woods, on the rivers and lakes, and in the beauty of the landscape. Even though plenty of kids these days spend more time glued to their smartphones, and plenty obese Americans spend their weekends glued to television sets. There are still plenty of Americans enjoying the great American outdoors.

Hunting and fishing are activities enjoyed by more than 38 million Americans. 38 million Americans also enjoyed camping during the year 2012. That’s a lot of equipment that must be purchased for all of that camping, and a lot cooler brands that sell plenty of coolers to keep food at the campground cool.

The cooler, a simple, typically square box with some kind of insulation to keep the contents frigid, is perhaps the single most useful piece of outdoor equipment that you’re sure to find in plenty of American garages, closets and sheds. Think about all of the possible uses for coolers, and all of the outdoor activities where a cooler is brought along.

Cooler brands create coolers for all kinds of outings. Think fishing coolers, backpack coolers, marine coolers, coolers for tail-gating, coolers for backyard barbeques, coolers for corporate picnics. There are plenty of uses for coolers that are sure to keep cooler brands busy.

Boaters, for instance, have various needs for coolers, and boating, like camping is another outdoor activity that is very popular. Cooler brands are sure to market their products toward the users of some 16,800,000 boats in use across the US.

But of all the activities where a cooler is needed, camping may be king.

A significant amount of the demand for coolers is made up of young adult campers. In fact a quarter or more of all campers between the ages of 18 and 44 purchased coolers in the last year, over 24% of campers aged 18-34, and more than 27% of campers aged 35-44. If they aren’t already, cooler brands would do well to take notice of this trend amongst young outdoor campers, and account for these types of customers in their marketing strategies.

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