Winter horse blankets

An estimated 7 million people in the United States ride horses, with approximately 4.6 million people owning horses. Interestingly, one out of every 63 Americans is involved with horses in one way or another. In light of these statistics, it is fair to say that horseback riding and other equestrian sports are extremely popular.
Now, of course, every horse lover wants to have the best clothing possible when riding horses. Horseback riding pants come to the forefront when thinking about horse riding wear. Some consider a pair of jeans to be the perfect horseback riding pants, while others want more formal horseback riding pants.
These more formal horseback riding pants are also known as riding breeches and jodhpurs. These riding pants are often form fitting and are worn with English riding boots. You can see these types of horseback riding pants at jumping and racing events.
In addition to horseback riding pants, many riders consider their boots to be important part of their horse riding clothing. Many people love the look of the Western cowboy boot for the rough and rugged appeal of the West. Others like the high English riding boots for their elegant lines and close fit.
Horse riding outfits should also include horse riding gloves to match those horse riding pants and boots. Gloves are an important part of horseback riding apparel because they are not only attractive but the also provide protection for the hands.
There are many outlets and stores where you can find your favorite horse riding pants. For those desiring Western style, you can find stores that will appeal to the person looking for that cowboy appeal. Other stores will carry those jodhpurs and high rise boots for the English rider. You can also find many online retailers that can help you find just the right clothing for your style.
And of course, do not forget about decking out your horse as well. When you choose your clothing such as those horseback riding pants, you may want to match those horse blankets to your outfit. When you show up at your next riding adventure, you and your horse are sure to garner many compliments.

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