It can be difficult to decide whether or not you should buy a new or used boat, especially if it is your first time buying a boat. While there is technically no right or wrong answer, it’s important to know that this decision is largely based on your tastes and needs.

Pontoon boats are great boats that the entire family can enjoy. You can leisurely float down the water or tow water sports in your pontoon boat. They are great performance boats and will last for a very long time. When you start looking for a used boat for sale, here is what you should look for in order to have full satisfaction.

Size and Seating

Whether you buy a new or used pontoon boat, it’s important that you get one that will seat everyone in your family plus two or three guests. Many pontoon boats will have a capacity plate on the flank, so be sure to check it and adhere to the limit. The bigger the boat is, the more people it will be able to hold.

Make sure you also take into consideration how the seating on the boat will compliment the desired purpose of the boat. If you want the boat to be casual and sun-bather friendly, consider buying a boat that has aft-facing lounge chairs. If you are looking for a fishing boat, make sure to get a boat with two seats up front.

The final thing you should consider size-wise about your boat is what kind of body of water you will be taking it on, smaller boats ranging from 16-19 feet are best for calm waters, boats 20-22 feet are best for lakes and rivers, and boats that are 20-27 feet are best for oceans or bodies of water with larger waves. Regardless of whether or not you decide to buy a new or used boat for sale, it’s important to consider every safety precaution.

Used or New

Before you go down to the docks or start speaking with a boat dealer it is important to know what your budget is. You might want to buy a new boat because of all the new upgrades and the latest technology, but it might be way over your budget. If that’s the case, you should definitely compare the prices of used pontoon boats for sale online to make a smart purchase.

The advantages and disadvantages of owning a pre-used boat are similar to owning a pre-used car. The cost will be cheaper and there likely have been inspections to make sure that it is still running as it should be, but you don’t exactly know what you’re getting into or how hard it is going to be to sell it when you are getting ready to upgrade. These things are definitely important to consider when buying and it is important to ask your boat dealer about the boat’s history and learn as much as you can just as you would for a used car. It is especially important to get the history from the owner of a used boat for sale if you decide to buy a boat without the help of a boat dealer.

Whether or not you ultimately decide to buy a new or used pontoon boat, you can be sure that you and your family and friends will make countless memories with every trip you take.

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