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If you like jewelry, you know that you can never have enough. Whether you are looking for sterling silver bangles or lovely gold pieces, there are a number of great jewelers who have affordable high end jewelry. It can require shopping around, and sometimes you will need to shop in places that you didn’t associate with jewelry such as eBay or local jewelers. Finding affordable gold jewelry online can be easier than shopping in person, and you can often get great deals online.

If you are looking for affordable quality rings, you might also try pawn shops. Many people sell their jewelry to these stores, and it is then priced much below what it would be from affordable fine jewelry brands. This allows you to get excellent deals, as well as have a lot to choose from. If you are looking for other types of jewelry pawn shops can sometimes be good, and so can websites like eBay. Jewelry doesn’t have to be from a major designer in order to be high-end. It can be a unique piece made from high-end materials and serve as a high-end piece. When you have the jewelry you love, it’s always fun to accessorize.

Trying to come up with gift ideas for moms is a challenging task, especially since they never seem to want their children to get them anything in the first place (or at least pretend they don’t). What can kids do about their stubborn mothers? One great idea is to focus on a particular hobby of theirs and try to build off of that. For example, many mothers are fanatic runners and would likely enjoy anything running related. While some running gear seems a little boring, like socks, shirts, and shorts, there are other ways to get creative while sticking to this theme. Running necklaces are a good compromise between classic gift and gift ideas for runners. What are some good ideas for running necklaces?

  1. Running Shoe – A simple and traditional running shoe charm makes a great necklace. Many running gift stores that sell running jewelry for women have a wide variety of shoe charms, so it is easy to find one that your mom will love. Running shoe charms vary from a basic looking sneaker to track shoes with a small wing on the side (a classic track and field symbol.)
  2. Mile Marker – Another great idea for running necklaces is one with a special mile marker on it. These are a perfect gift for moms who have just completed their first long distance race, or ones who have accomplished a long distance running goal. Mile marker charms are abundant for half marathons (13.1) and full marathons (26.2), but they are also available for shorter distances, such as a 5k or a 10k. These necklaces are also a great opportunity to get engraved jewelry, as you can include the date of the race and their race time.
  3. Running Figure – For those moms who like something a little different, running figure necklaces are a good option. These charms are in the shape of a little women runner, and they are a nice alternative to the standard running shoe. Another great way to make these running figures even more unique is to add your mom’s birthstone to the piece.

All of these different running charms make great gifts for moms who love to run, and for those who can’t decide which one they like best, mixing and matching is always a good idea. The next time you get stumped trying to think of a gift for mom, consider a fun, classic piece of jewelry that shows off their favorite hobby.

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