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Whether you want to lose a bit of winter weight or you’d like to try something new, there is an option that many people turn to during or after the holidays that things beyond typical health and fitness clubs. Racquet and tennis clubs all across the country are about more than simply tennis. They offer sports like squash, as well, and they sometimes even have other amenities that can make the membership fee worth the price.

If you’re considering joining a tennis club, here are just a few of the membership services and perks that you could experience when you sign up:

    1. Shed seasonal weight gain. Did you know that just three to four hours of tennis per week can help a person lose up to half a pound in that time? Playing tennis and working out each week can significantly reduce a person’s risk for heart disease, heart attack, stroke, and other serious health conditions. That’s a great benefit for anyone, regardless of whether or not they’re looking to lose weight.

    2. Hone your skills in tennis training camps and clinics. Many tennis clubs offer tennis training camps, clinics, and classes for members of all skill levels. Tennis training camps typically offer fitness drills, court time, and one-on-one advice from tennis pros. Clinics and classes may be in groups or even one-on-one trainings with world champion staffers or visiting pros. In addition to tennis clinics, squash clinics and classes also form in select clubs that offer this sport.

    3. Relax at a luxury spa. Finally, many clubs are about more than just working out. They also offer members a way to unwind during their busy weeks. These clubs may offer massages, saunas, steam baths, and other relaxation methods designed to loosen muscles and prevent injury. In fact, even ten minutes of massage after a workout can significantly decrease the risk of injury and inflammation later on.

    All tennis and racquet clubs vary, so it’s important to weigh the benefits of each one in your area. If you have questions, be sure to visit your local tennis clubs and leave a comment below with any general inquiries.

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