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Though personalized gifts for runners may not seem like a thriving business, the fact is there are millions of runners in the United States that would absolutely love these kinds of gifts. Fifty-seven million Americans run or jog at least once every year. More than 500,000 Americans participate in a marathon every year as well, and there are over 2,000 annual half-marathons and 15,000 5K marathons to choose from. From runners recovery sandals to running jewelry, there is no shortage of gifts for gift-givers to choose from — much like there is no shortage of runners to receive them!

What runner wouldn’t, for example, love his or her very own runners ID bands? ID bands are a must for any serious runner, so why not give that special someone personalized ID bands for the big race? If ID bands aren’t “personal” enough, how about running necklaces? Although these necklaces aren’t designed to be worn during the race, they are perfect for many other occasions. Show your pride for running with necklaces with “26.2” (the number of miles in a marathon) brazened in the locket.

If jewelry isn’t something your special someone will not like, how about something like running decals? Specialized running decals are perfect for runners who love running as well as their car! Nothing says you are dedicated to running like a giant foot on the side of your car. If decals aren’t your cup of tea as well, you can always look into runners LED lights. LED lights are perfect for runners who like to run at night. With LED lights attached to the runner’s body, drivers and pedestrians alike can look out for runners during poor visibility.

There are a number of other gift ideas for runners, all equally spectacular as they are unique. No matter what, though, runners gifts will be sure to brighten the day of a runner you happen to know and care about.

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