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As soon as Memorial Day hits, most pool owners see this time of year as the time to start opening their pool. Yet opening a pool can often be a complicated and multi-step process.
Luckily, if your winter pool closing went down without a hitch, then opening your swimming pool this summer should be easy with these simple steps:

  1. Monitor Your Chemicals
    To make pool sanitation a priority, you need to make sure that you have the proper amount of pool chemicals on hand. Keep stock of your inventory of pool chemical and see if you need to purchase more. If so, make sure you are all stocked up on additional pool products in order to prevent additional trips to the pool supply store.
    Remember, chemistry management is important to every pool.
  2. Practice Spring Cleaning
    If your pool deck and cover is covered in brush, leaves, and twigs, this debris is wont to fall into your pool, making it more difficult to clean. Instead, clean the perimeter of the pool and the cover beforehand, making it an easier job. Cleaning the pool cover also prevents the cover form incurring any damage once in storage.
    Before storing the pool cover, make sure you let it dry on a clean surface such as your driveway. This prevents any mold or mildew from forming when it’s folded up.
  3. Inspect for Damages
    Vinyl lined pools are vulnerable to incurring tears and washouts. If you find a tear, these can be repaired with a patch kit, found at your local pool products and supply store.
    For pools that have fiberglass or concrete, check for cracks and chips. For damages like these, it’s often best to call in the professionals for assessment and repair.
  4. Reinstall and Maintain Pool Hardware
    For swimming pool products such as skimmer baskets, pool pumps, and automatic pool cleaners, make sure all parts are cleaned, replaced if necessary, and secured in tightly before running. Additionally, be sure to reconnect the filtering and plumbing, and make sure that the filter baskets are cleaned and repaired if necessary.
  5. Fill it Up!
    You’re almost there! With your garden hose, fill the pool until it reaches the halfway point on the waterline tile. While you do this, skim any excess debris from the pool.
  6. Filter and Test
    Now that your pool is full, it’s time to make sure the water is in tip top shape for swimming and lounging. Turn on the pool’s power system and start the automated pump and filter. Once the pool is filtered, allow the pool’s waters to mix for around 24 hours. Buy a pool test kit from a pool product supply store to text the water balance and quality, ensuring that the water is indeed fit for swimming.
  7. Enjoy
    Whether you’re a strong swimmer or someone who likes to lounge around in a floating device, enjoy your hard work in your freshly opened pool. Don’t forget the sunscreen! More info like this.

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