If you’re looking for a little bit of adventure in your life, consider skydiving as your next adrenaline fueled move. Skydiving can be fun for people of all ages (once you reach adulthood, that is) and can provide a great break from your everyday life which, for many people, can become mundane and boring all too easily. And skydiving is the perfect way to break free from that, to do something impressive and put adventure back where it belongs in your heart and in your life. For the nearly seventy percent of Millennials in the United States who consider themselves to be overall adventurous people, a skydiving experience can provide just the right amount of thrill.

For those who have never gone skydiving before, doing a solo skydive is unlikely to be the best option available. Tandem skydiving allows you to skydive while strapped to a licensed instructor, giving you all of the thrills and adventure with none of the danger or possibility of something going wrong. Your first time skydiving can be as frightening as it is exciting, and having someone there with you every step of the way can be an immensely calming factor. In fact, if you only every skydive with a licensed instructor strapped to you, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with this. Different people crave different levels of adventure and thrill and it is nothing it not normal for people to be looking to get different things out of their skydiving experience. However, it must be noted that you must be a legal adult – at or above the age of eighteen – in order to do a tandem jump. If you are not yet at that age, just think of it as something that you can look forward to in the years – likely to be filled with adventure – that are to come.

There are some things that you should know about and expect from your soon to be skydiving experience. For one, the length of your freefall is likely to be determined by whether or not you are doing a solo jump. A solo jump, which will just naturally have less weight than a tandem jump, has a freefall time of just about a minute, sixty seconds of falling through the air before coming to a safe landing. Because of the extra weight pulling you down in any given tandem jump, a tandem jump is likely to only take around forty five seconds before you reach the ground, though it may still last the entire duration of one full minute. This will depend on a number of factors, such as the weather of the day, the location, and the weight of yourself as well as the person that you are jumping with.

Skydiving is even good for your health. You might not have realized it or thought so, but skydiving burns calories – and quite a lot of them, considering the short period that you are actually actively skydiving. Data backs up this claim, showing definitively that for every hour of skydiving, around two hundred and thirty calories can be burned. This was calculated using a person who was at one hundred and fifty five pounds at the time of the calculation and will vary from person to person because of this, but this just helps to give you a clear portrayal of an aspect of skydiving that many people do not even realize exists, as the vast majority of people who are interested in skydiving are doing so to test their limits as well as to find some much needed adventure in their lives.

With more than three million people participating in skydiving in just one year, there’s no doubt about it that skydiving has become an immensely popular activity among many thrill seekers in the United States. Skydiving can be a great way to seek adventure but it can also even be used as a good way to simply push your boundaries and challenge yourself to do something new.

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