In the simplest terms, the tennis court divider is the net same thing as the tennis court net. While it needs to placed properly, exactly in the middle of the court and extending three feet to each side, the tennis court divider also places the separation between competitors.

What is a Tennis Court Divider?

With a tennis court being 78 feet long, there is a need to ensure that the tennis court net is installed precisely at the 39-foot line. The net should also be placed at about three feet outside the width of the court, being 27 feet for singles matches and 36 feet for pairs. You likely see that most courts are already marked for both singles and pairs, so the tennis net will usually be outside the 36-foot pairs line for permanent placement.

A Way to Determine the Best When Asking What is a Tennis Court Divider

With many materials available for the tennis court net, along with the quality brands that are made for leading competitor courts, there is a great deal of comparison to complete. There are Douglas brand tennis nets, among many others who develop strong tennis nets. Along with the strong net, there are also brands that offer additional tennis accessories like trash baskets, tennis ball collection baskets, tennis ball carts, tennis court cleanup services, and OnCourt OffCourt equipment.

What is a Tennis Court Divider in Relation to Product and Brand Selection

There is always a way to have all your tennis court equipment working together when purchasing the same brand net, tennis racquet carts, tennis ball holders, and other tennis court products and supplies. Depending on whether it is an indoor or outdoor court there is much to be determined on what materials and products are proper for your tennis court.

When selecting the best tennis dividers and other tennis court equipment there is plenty to consider. With the determination of your court as training versus competitive, there is much to consider in setting up audience seating or simply the storage of training equipment. You may also need to make sure that a stronger material net is the one installed on an outdoor competitive court to keep everything running at a high-quality level for the long-term.

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