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The U.S. party rental supply industry employs an army of 34,610 people who are more than willing to help you choose your perfect wedding theme for your big day. Around 89 percent of brides have a budget set before they begin planning, and a themed wedding could actually help you cut down on costs. Themed weddings will limit you to specific colors, wedding decoration rentals, and wedding lighting rentals.

So let these party rental employees help you choose from this list of the ten best wedding theme ideas.

  1. Shabby Chic: For this theme (which is still a popular choice), look for items, such as wedding table and chair rentals, that have some wear and tear on them. If you decide to rent or purchase new-looking items, make them appear distressed so they look antique. Your colors should be soft, feminine, and limited.
  2. Beach: Instead of paying to fly your guests to an expensive beach, choose this theme instead. It should be laid back and casual, with plenty of neutral tones with hues of blue and decorations that will make guests feel like they are somewhere tropical.
  3. Rose: A rose themed wedding gives the vibe of elegance. Use vibrant fragrances and various shades of the luxurious flower. Depending on what color rose you choose will either create a more casual atmosphere, or a more elegant one. These flowers also won’t break the bank, compared to other types.
  4. Vintage: A regal and nostalgic wedding may be right up your alley. Choose a serene venue, such as a large garden or lake side, and serve little delicate finger foods during your reception. Wedding tent rentals would be the perfect addition to this type of themed wedding.
  5. Rustic: A country-style wedding is a great summer wedding idea, especially if you and your spouse are big on the outdoor activities. Some party rental companies may even be able to supply you with picnic benches for your guests to sit on during the ceremony.
  6. Romantic: Bring on the candles, champagne, and music, because this theme is very popular this year. Choosing soft colors and pairing them with a great classical music list will leave your guests feeling very relaxed.
  7. Oriental: For those who love to travel, or are marrying someone from another culture, and oriental-themed wedding is a great way to put a spin on the traditional white and black. Try Asian accented accessories.
  8. Tropical: Unlike the beach with its neutral colors, choose a tropical theme and watch your party come to life with bright colors and exotic scents and foods. Get your guests moving with fun games and prizes.
  9. Spring: If you are set on using pastel shades with vibrant pops of yellow and orange for your wedding, choosing this theme is right up your alley. Just make sure to stay away from dark, rich colors.
  10. Fine Art: When in Rome, do as the Romans do, and throw a fine arts party celebrating classical architecture and style. If you’re a big art and museum buff, this is a great theme for those who want to travel back in time for a day.

There are roughly 2.5 million weddings each year in the U.S., but make yours stand out with one of these gorgeous and fun themes.
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