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Pools are an excellent way to beat the heat during the long, hot, dog days of summer, however, they also serve another entirely different purpose; they can make your backyard or patio look really, really good. Pools are very aesthetically pleasing and can enhance the energy and look of your outdoor space. However, even beautiful pool lighting can’t make a dirty or poorly maintained pool appealing.

All pool owners know — hopefully — that properly maintaining a pool is hard work, however, the reward of being able to enjoy your pool is well worth the work you put into maintaining it. While summer is still a couple months away, you can get a heard start on your summer pool maintenance now by stocking up on important pool essentials such as swimming pool products (especially pool cleaning supplies or pool cleaning products), sand filter sand if your filter requires it, and perhaps even some new beautiful pool lighting. Underwater pool lights can further enhance the look of your pool, and are a fun way to add some color.

In addition, it’s important to stay on top of your pool water’s chemistry. Neglecting to check and maintain your pool’s water for as little as two or three weeks can result in green pool water. Even during the winter, it’s recommended to check your pool’s water at least once week. Now that the weather is warming up, it’s recommended to check your pool’s water two to three times per week. Failure to do so can cut the lifespan of your pool in half.

Now is also a good time to ensure all of your pool’s systems are in good working order, such as the pump and filtration system. These are equivalent to the human body’s circulatory system, and are vital to keep your pool water clean and sparkling blue. Get more here.

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