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As we are currently in the middle of summer, snow and ice are probably one of the last things on your mind. However, if you live in a part of the country where summer seems to fly by, you may already be dreading the upcoming cold season. Planning right now for your favorite winter activities can help ease the cold season dread. The following activities are perfect for the long, winter months.

Sledding and skiing

There is nothing quite like the adrenaline of sledding or skiing down a large hill. However, unless you live nearby a ski lodge, it can be difficult to find a good area. With snow and ice covered roads, driving far may not be an option. The summer months are the perfect time to prepare your own yard for these exciting activities. You can create a sledding hill in your own backyard with a little gravel and dirt. If you have a particularly larger yard, you might even be able to create a small skiing slope. The project will give you something to do during the sunny hours of the day and will prepare you for the long days of winter.

Ice skating

One of the best parts of summer is the ability to bike, skateboard, and roller blade. None of these activities are possible with snow and ice on the ground. What is the next best thing? Ice skating, of course. Ice skating is actually a very common winter activity. In 2014, the number of participants (aged six years and older) in ice skating amounted to approximately 10.65 million. Building a backyard ice rink will allow you to practice your ice skating skill during the long and boring winter months. You can learn how to build a backyard ice rink on the internt.

As you learn how to build a backyard ice rink, you will want to begin gathering the needed materials. You will need a rink area with a durable ice rink liner, something to border it off from the rest of the yard, and possibly, a covered area. Your home ice rink can be as big or as small as you want it to be. When you learn how to build a backyard ice rink, simply customize the sizes to meet your available size. Your back yard ice rink might even make you wish that winter was sooner.

Sitting by the fire

Your entire winter does have to be spent outdoors. One of the best parts of winter activities is returning to the warmth of a fireside. You can install an indoor fireplace or build an outdoor fire pit within an enclosed heated area. Also, consider putting your outdoor fireplace next to your new homemade ice rink. After you learn how to build a backyard ice rink, the outdoor fire pit will be the perfect addition for entertaining. With 65% of youth sport participants saying that they participate in sports to be with friends, an ice rink is a great way to encourage additional socialness during the winter months.

Watching sports

Watching sports is a great way to continue involvement in sports during the winter months. Additionally, it can be very exciting to practice your own ice skating or hockey skills and then head inside to warm up in front of a favorite team. Equip your home theater room with a large screen TV, comfortable seating, and warm and cozy blankets. Your guests will appreciate the warmth after spending their time outdoors in the cold.

It is hard to think about winter right now. However, it will be here before we even know it. We can turn our winter blues and dread into winter excitement with the right cold weather activities. Learning how to build a backyard ice rink gives you the perfect outdoor activity to get through the winter months. The United States currently has 1,900 indoor hockey rinks and 500 outdoor ice hockey rinks. Although it may be hard to find one locally, you can just build your own.

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