Research finds that about 171,500 brand new powerboats were purchased in 2014. The 2014 numbers marked a 6.4 percent increase in sales versus the previous year. The popularity of boating looks like it will only rise as the years continue. One of the most important electronics on any boat is the navigation system. A GPS device keeps you safe and always aware of your surroundings. In this post, you will learn five things to look for when looking for a yacht GPS device.

  • Satellites Used: Different GPS devices will use a varying amount of satellites for tracking purposes. Generally speaking, the more satellites a device has, the more accurate location information it provides. There is usually a minimum of 12 satellites used for basic marine GPS functionality. However, there are models exceeding this 12 satellite minimum that offer increased functionality.
  • Size of Screen: There is a wide range of screen sizes for marine GPS devices. You don?t have to get the largest screen available. However, it is wise to have a screen size that will be easy to see while out on the water. Many GPS devices feature color screens which help make these devices slightly easier to read. Yachts can now use GPS devices with fully functional touch screens.
  • Nearby Land Maps: Knowing where to go on the water is essential. However, certain GPS devices for yachts will display nearby land information. Having maps of land areas isn?t going to be essential for every yacht traveler. It is nice to know the lay of the land while out on the water. Marine engineering services can help provide the right navigation solution for your yacht.
  • Additional Audio Functionality: The yacht engineering industry has seen great innovations in boating technology. One innovation is including audio functionally on a GPS system. There are GPS devices that can play .mp3 files and audio books, great for relaxing on the water. In addition, an AM/FM radio can be found on many current GPS systems. In 2014, over 87 million adults took part in boating related activities. Having additional audio features can keep your guests entertained all day and night.
  • Fully Waterproof: It might seem odd but not every marine GPS device is completely waterproof. On the other hand, many current systems offer fully waterproof devices. In many cases, you won?t need full protection from water. It is recommended that a GPS device does not come in close contact with water. However, there are situations where nothing can be done and a waterproof GPS device must be used.
  • In closing, there are many aspects to consider when choosing a GPS device. Yacht engineering services can easily install. Research shows that annual sales of new boating equipment were at $16.4 billion for the year 2014. Yacht engineering services continue to find ways to make yachts run smoother. Finding a GPS device with a large screen is great for accurately seeing location information. Seeing nearby land maps is great for knowing when and where to dock. The inclusion of a radio system on a GPS device is great for playing music for you and your guests. Finally, a fully waterproof GPS system is perfect for protecting your navigational investment.

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