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Early on, baseball, America’s pastime, had several different names. It has been called Goal Ball, Fletch-catch, and, perhaps the simplest name, Round Ball. For whatever reason though, the term baseball has caught on, and it has become an American institution. However, despite the fact that it has become so popular in the United States, it is played all around the world. In fact, estimates show that an astounding 75 million people from all over the globe watch the game on a regular basis. This means that there are fans of teams and leagues everywhere, and millions of people visit baseball team websites to keep up with the latest scores and their favorite amateur and pro baseball players.

But in addition to providing updates for die hard fans, the best baseball team websites will be full of interesting facts that every baseball fan can enjoy. For instance, Halsey Hal, a commentator from Minnesota, was the first to say the term “Holy Cow!” during the broadcast of a game. Lots of people know all of the latest stats, like how David Price gave up just two runs in a complete game against a potent Rangers lineup to get his Tampa Bay Rays into the playoffs, but the best fans will take the time to learn lots of unique facts as well.

Many baseball team websites will also include a history of the teams that run them. A great Minnesota Twins website should make mention of the fact that, before the Civil War, many teams in Minneapolis were created that consisted only of amateurs. They were vastly different than the 1965 Minnesota Twins squad that won a whopping 102 games. Many fans will be more than willing to take the time to learn the history of their favorite teams, and great websites are the perfect resources for them.

Of course, no fan is complete without a closet full of apparel and shelves loaded with cool memorabilia. While heading to the ball park and getting a bobble head or other collectible right from the stadium might be the most fun way to shop for sports gear, websites have become a main seller of jerseys and all kinds of other items. The best baseball websites will be loaded with not only stats and information, but also Twins apparel and gear from famous players from around the world.

Today, the internet and the sports world go hand in hand. Between the 24 hour news cycle that keeps fans completely up to date and fantasy sports, great sports websites are a valuable asset. They help both casual and serious fans stay informed and learn more about the teams they love.

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