If you are considering sending you child or children to a day camp, you are not alone. The number of day camps across the country has increased by almost 90% over the past few decades. These camps offer kids a great way to get much needed exercise, make new friends and the most of their summer breaks. If you want to find the best camp for your child’s needs, you should consider the following tips.

Ask for your friends and family. Getting recommendations from people you know is always a great way to find any kind of service. Your friends and family with children may be able to steer you in the right direction for a good (or bad) camp. Many camps have open houses where you can meet at least some of the staff and see how they interact with kids and each other.

What activities do your kids like to do?  Some camps offer very specialized programs with a specific focus while others offer a wider array of activities and sports. Some provide academic programs to help kids who may need help with certain subjects such as math or reading. These can be really good for kids who do need some support academically and this prevents them from losing ground in that area over the summer. If your kids are younger, it is often better to find a camp that offers a variety of fun activities to keep them occupied and entertained.

Shop around. Ask a lot of questions about the staff, the scheduling and the fees. Like any other service some camps will give you one price that does not include fees they charge. Ask about their refund policy and what they charge for meals, add ons, materials, etc. If your child gets sick or something comes up, you may need to change your plans and need to know what costs you will incur if you remove them early. Some camps have financial assistance for some families so ask to see if you qualify for that.

Find the right location. Convenience is always a concern when you are looking for a place you will have to drive to every day but it should not be the main factor in picking a camp. If you find one that you and your child really likes, find out if anyone you know is sending their kids to the same place. You may be able to find someone with whom you can carpool or make another arrangement.

Not only do summer day camps provide a great chance to make new friends and get decent exercise, they are a fantastic way to get your kids away from their electronic devices. Most American kids spend nearly eight hours a day in front of one screen or another. Day camps help them lean how to interact with other kids in a much more real way.

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Most Americans (nearly 80%) enjoy the outdoors and nearly 30% either have tried white water rafting or want to. This is also a great way to get exercise. The average person will burn between 350 and 410 calories an hour rafting. If you are considering a fun adventure for your friends or family, river trips may fit that bill.

Tips for Your Whitewater Raft Adventure

Protect yourself from the sun. All water sports trips, and these include river trips, should include a plan for sun protection. Remember when you are on the water, the sun will reflect off the surface and you get a double whammy. Pack plenty of sunscreen and apply it often. Even if it is waterproof, one application will not be enough. Even if you do not normally burn or do not feel it is really hot, this will make a big difference in how you feel afterewards.

Be prepared to swim. You should have a personal flotation device and the goal is to stay inside the raft but you should know that swimming may not be in your plan but it can be required. If you are not a strong swimmer, or if you do not swim at all, make sure you tell your guide this before your trip begins. This will influence the advice they give you if you do fall in. Be careful about where you place your feet as they can get stuck under rocks along the river’s floor. Keep your balance with your paddle, it will make a difference.

Balance yourself. You have several ways to keep yourself balanced and braced in your raft. Keep your feet firmly planted in front of you, either in the foot hold or air tube.  When you hit faster water, if you paddle harder, you will help keep yourself in the raft. Keep yourself on the outer side of your seat. This will give you a better position to paddle and again, help you stay in the raft.

Pay attention to instructions. You will need to work with (not against) the other people on your raft. That may sound simple but can get more complicated on the river. Listen for your guide’s instructions as they can help keep everyone paddling correctly. Sync your paddling with the other people in your boat to make the ride smooth for everyone.

River trips can be a really fun way to spend time with friends and family. They offer a great way to see the country. Rafting in the Grand Canyon is one of the best ways to view that natural wonder. Grand Canyon white water rafting trips are extremely popular for a reason, they are a lot of fun. It is important to follow instructions and prepare your group so that your trip is the best it can be.

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Basketball gift ideas

Just because basketball season is over, doesn’t mean the fun and excitement has to end. In fact, giving custom gifts for basketball coaches and athletes is the perfect way to keep the heat and excitement of competition alive off the court. Not only do custom gifts make great sports gifts, but they’re the perfect way to hold basketball athletes, coaches, and fans over until next season kicks off.

If you’re feeling a little stuck for gift ideas, don’t worry. The possibilities are endless in terms of creating personalized basketball gifts! A good place to find inspiration is to consider the likes and dislikes, or personal preferences, of the gift’s recipient or recipients. If you’re giving a custom basketball gift to only one person, you may have a bit more “wiggle room” in terms of creativity. However Read more: “How to Create Awesome Custom Basketball Gifts For Athletes, Coaches, and Fans”

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Minesota twins

If you’re a big baseball fan, this may be your favorite time of year. There is nothing like watching the Major League Baseball playoffs transpire throughout October, leading up to the World Series at the end of the month.

Perhaps you’ve been scouring the best baseball websites for the latest updates on scores, individual player stats, and insightful commentary after each game. Maybe you’ve gotten in the spirit of the season so to speak by visiting baseball apparel websites for the perfect attire with which to root your favorite team to victory in the postseason. Or perhaps you publish one of these sites, and you’ve been experimenting with baseball website templates to find the right new layout in anticipation of the World Series excitement.

No matter your exact reason, it’s not hard to begin to feel nostalg Read more: “Get the Latest World Series News From the Best Baseball Sites on the Web”

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Minnesota twins games

Early on, baseball, America’s pastime, had several different names. It has been called Goal Ball, Fletch-catch, and, perhaps the simplest name, Round Ball. For whatever reason though, the term baseball has caught on, and it has become an American institution. However, despite the fact that it has become so popular in the United States, it is played all around the world. In fact, estimates show that an astounding 75 million people from all over the globe watch the game on a regular basis. This means that there are fans of teams and leagues everywhere, and millions of people visit baseball team websites to keep up with the latest scores and their favorite amateur and pro baseball players.

But in addition to providing updates for die hard fans, the best baseball team websites will be full of interesting fa Read more: “Baseball Fan? Visit the Website of Your Favorite Team to Learn More”

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Minnesota twins mascot

Over 11 million people play fantasy baseball, according to a 2013 report by the Fantasy Sports Trade Association. Many enthusiasts play to unwind or have a good time with friends, but a growing number of players are stepping into the high-stakes world of fantasy baseball pro leagues, where a season win can result in an impressive payout.

Fantasy baseball was first developed in the early 60s by IBM, but the system and its parameters have evolved and grown immensely since that time. Leagues have long offered cash payouts based on the original antes paid by participants at the beginning of the season, but the current popularity of the sport has led to sponsors, advertising, and payoffs the original developers of fantasy sports would never have thought possible. A recent announcement by LeagueSafe and Draf Read more: “The Draw of Fantasy Baseball”

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Minesota twins

Baseball is one of the most American institutions there is and has become as synonymous with the Stars and Stripes as apple pie. Fans from across the country have teams to root for, and there are professional teams in lots of states. Many, especially in the Northern part of the United States, will wear Twins gear every chance they get to show their support for the Minesota Twins. By rooting for the Twins MN residents will be able to join a massive community of like minded individuals. However, the more die hard Minneapolis Twins fans will know lots of interesting facts about the team.

1. Rookies and young players are part of what make baseball great and many fans enjoy watching them not only develop, but succeed right away. That success is often rewarded by a Rookie of the Year Award. The best Minesota Twins Read more: “Five Facts Die Hard Twins Fans Must Know”

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Twins mn

It is finally July, and the Boys of Summer are taking center stage on baseball diamonds across the country. This means that many people will spend evenings at the ball park rooting on their favorite teams. However, if they do not have the time to get to the game, fans might want to wear some gear to show their support. Fortunately, there is lots of Minneapolis Twins apparel available to choose from. Most fans of the Minneapolis Twins are likely to live in that area, and in Minesota Twins fans are everywhere, but that does not mean that they do not live in cities everywhere. So if someone is outnumbered by other fans but still wants to show their support, then wearing some team gear is a great idea.

There is all kinds of Minneapolis Twins gear that people can wear to show their support. While some might want to wear Read more: “Showoff After a Big Win by Wearing the Jersey of Your Favorite Team”

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