If you’ve noticed that your golf glove is showing signs of wear and tear, you may be dreading having to get rid of your current glove and budgeting for a new one. Before you invest in a new glove, though, it’s worth looking into at-home DIY options that can prolong the life of your second skin. In fact, one of the best ways to improve the tackiness of your glove is a solution you may not have thought of: football gloves sticky spray.

Football players have been improvising their own tacky spray for years, and it’s available (and relatively inexpensive) at local sporting goods stores. If you were a wide receiver in high school or college, you may remember this as “glove juice.” You may have even tried to use it to catch some Hail Mary’s or alley-oops back in the day.

Your golf game won’t require you to catch a ball and run with it (at least, I hope not) but football gl Read more: “The Pro Golfer’s Secret Weapon Football Glove Sticky Spray”

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