If you’ve noticed that your golf glove is showing signs of wear and tear, you may be dreading having to get rid of your current glove and budgeting for a new one. Before you invest in a new glove, though, it’s worth looking into at-home DIY options that can prolong the life of your second skin. In fact, one of the best ways to improve the tackiness of your glove is a solution you may not have thought of: football gloves sticky spray.

Football players have been improvising their own tacky spray for years, and it’s available (and relatively inexpensive) at local sporting goods stores. If you were a wide receiver in high school or college, you may remember this as “glove juice.” You may have even tried to use it to catch some Hail Mary’s or alley-oops back in the day.

Your golf game won’t require you to catch a ball and run with it (at least, I hope not) but football gloves sticky spray will allow you to keep hold of your driver, no matter its make or material. And not having to worry about losing your club allows you to focus on your distance and aim, as if the driver is an extension of your arm.

Putting tacky spray on your golf glove also allows you to play in the rain or on the hottest day of the year without having to worry about slippage. When you do finally make it to the St. Andrews Links in Scotland, there’s a 73% chance
that it will be raining when you hit the course. Keeping a little tacky spray in your golf bag will keep your grip strong and allow you to put more power and speed behind your swing.

The takeaway: don’t let other golfers tell you that you need to buy expensive new equipment the minute your current set starts to show signs of wear and tear. There’s nothing wrong with investing in quality products–you should!–but a true sportsman extends the life of his equipment by modifying them to suit his purposes. Using a DIY option that allows you to keep playing the game you love is the best life hack there is.

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