There are a lot of indoor shooting ranges worldwide. It only means that you can easily find the indoor shooting range wherever you are.

While outdoor facilities are a great place for training and practicing, an indoor shooting range offers you many benefits of being available night or day all throughout the year. You never have to worry about rainy days and cancel your shooting practice.

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So, what to expect when you get in an indoor shooting range? Here’s what you need to know to have a perfect shooting range experience.

Gun Rentals

There are shooting ranges that offer gun rentals. However, there could be some age limits, or you must be in a group to rent. Renting is also a great way to check different calibers and styles.

Rear Wall Backstops

An indoor shooting range comes with rear-wall backstops that are designed to prevent bullets safely. You have to always aim directly at the backstop and make sure not to hit the ceiling, floor, or side walls.


Every range prefers that you should bring firearms into the facility cased and unloaded. You don’t have to worry if you don’t have a plastic case that comes with a pistol. What’s important is that you should not walk in the front door carrying such an exposed firearm.


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