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If you’re a parent, you always want to give you kids the best toys to play with?toys that keep them busy and will help them learn and grow. Magnetic building blocks are a great toy to encourage your child to experiment with counting, assembling, and problem solving.

Helping Kids Learn

To facilitate their brain development, kids in the three to six year old range should play with toys that encourage problem solving, such as blocks that snap together, and can be sorted by size, shape or color. Your child doesn’t have to be building masterful architecture with his construction sets in order to be learning. He can practice counting and sorting and experiment how things fit together.

Setting Up Their Future

One study found that over 60% of adults in design jobs like architecture liked to play with blocks as children. A magnetic construction set can spark an interest in a promising career at an early age. You might have a budding architect on your hands. Magnetic building toys can also serve as puzzles for kids, and another study found that two thirds of adults in math-related roles like banking and accounting preferred to play with puzzles when they were young. The toys that you give your child to play with now could have a big impact on their future careers as adults.

Encouraging Independent Play

Magnetic building blocks can keep your child engaged for a while. It is recommended that parents provide their young children with 45 to 60 minutes for spontaneous free play, in order to encourage learning and contribute to their children’s overall well-being. Magnetic sets can keep your children in engaged for their free play period.

Good For All Ages

Magnetic building blocks are a good toy for any child from ages 2 to 12. Children at different ages will likely use the blocks in different ways, but this does not matter as long as they are encouraged to play independently, and figure out for themselves how to best use the toys.

Busy Moms

Busy moms (and dads) love magnetic building sets too, because they can get work done while the kids are busy playing. Independent play is good for parents as well as kids, because moms and dads can have a chance to do some work around the house, or just relax and read or watch TV while their children are occupied.

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