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The struggle to provide people in underdeveloped countries with clean water has become a serious global concern. The World Economic Forum recently announced that the water crisis is the #1 global risk backed on impact to society, and this problem will continue to worsen if we do not make a concerted effort to prevent water pollution.

Water pollution is the primary cause of the global water crisis, and about one in five deaths of children under the age of five worldwide is due to a water-related disease. Simply put, these children do not have clean water to drink, and we have the power to provide them with this clean water by halting our incessant pollution. If you’re looking for ways to pitch in and help provide these countries with clean water, here are three simple ways to support the cause:

  • Be careful what you put down your drain. Many people are extremely careless when it comes to what they put down their drain, and a lack of water pollution education is partly to blame for these mistakes. You should always place solid debris in a wastebasket, and most liquid waste should also be discarded in the garbage as opposed to drains. Things like oil, fat, and grease should be collected and thrown away, and hygiene products used in the bathroom should generally be thrown into the garbage instead of being flushed down the toilet.
  • Use water wisely. Another factor contributing to the global water crisis is a water shortage. When people wastefully use water, it increases the amount of water that needs to be treated before it can go to underdeveloped countries. This makes it harder to treat the water properly, which increases the risk of diseases lurking within. Always be mindful of how much water you are using in the shower and turn the water off when you’re not using it, even if it’s just for a few seconds.
  • World Water Day. If you’re looking for the most fun way to prevent water pollution, then look no further than World Water Day. Celebrated every year on March 22, World Water Day is a time to raise awareness of this global crisis and support causes that provide clean water to people who need it the most. World Water Day 2016 will be particularly special because world-renowned swimmer Martin Strel will embark on an around-the-world swim to spread peace, love, and awareness to prevent water pollution.

If Martin Strel can swim for 450 days to raise awareness of water pollution, then you can certainly make a few minor changes to your daily routine to support the cause. Keep these great tips in mind and support Martin on his epic journey to end the effects of water pollution once and for all.

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