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Mixed martial arts (MMA) is a sport that has been taking the nation by storm in the past couple of years. MMA is a full contact sport which uses striking and grappling techniques, mixing a variety of combat sports and other martial arts styles. Once you’ve decided you want to get into MMA and signed up for classes, you’re gonna need some sparring gear. If you’re looking to get into MMA, and aren’t sure what sports equipment you should buy, here’s a quick guide to everything you’ll need to become an MMA master.

Like any contact sport, MMA sports requires some major fight gear. If you come into the gym with an old t-shirt and your basketball shorts, you’re going to have a difficult time keeping up. The proper MMA sparring gear dress code consists of grappling shorts and a rash guard. Grappling shorts are durable and make of a material that clings to the skin, and can absorb sweat. Rash guards are a special type of shirt that helps protect the body from any cuts or rashes you may get during your training.

If you’re planning on competing in MMA, you’ll have to buy a special pair of MMA gloves. These gloves are similar to boxing gloves, and help protect both your sparring partner and your own hands. To ensure the proper sparring protection, buy a mouth guard to protect your teeth, along with other protective gear such as knee pads, head gear, handwraps, and of course, a cup.

Most of these items can be found at your local sports equipment store, but you can also buy MMA gear online. MMA gear can be found on a variety of MMA online stores, which offer a variety of professional equipment, including specialty grappling shorts, gloves, and other products that will help transform you from a MMA novice to a MMA pro.

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