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Camping is one of the most popular and fun summer activities in America, and for good reason. You can reconnect with friends or family, without pesky technology getting in the way. You can also go on a new adventure every day, and make memories that will last a lifetime. However, in order for your camping trip to be successful, you should have all of the items necessary for both comfort and safety. Some of the most forgotten items are the most obvious items needed for camping, simply because they’re so obvious. Before you leave, double check to make sure you pack these three things!

The Tent

This is so painfully obvious, but you would be shocked at how many families assume that someone else packed it, or that they couldn’t possibly forget it. This is your shelter while you’re on your trip, so make sure it’s packed!


Another obvious but easily forgotten item is a camping cooler. Keeping your food cool and properly stored is one of the most important things about camping. Not only will it keep the food at the correct temperature so that it doesn’t make you sick, but it also provides adequate storage to keep your food from animals.

First Aid Kit

If you’re planning on numerous activities, such as hiking, hunting, or fishing, while you camp, this is essential. Over 38 million Americans enjoy hunting and fishing, but it can be incredibly dangerous. Keep a first aid kit on hand, because safety while camping is the key to a successful trip!

In the next year, about 81% of respondents say they’ll be going on three or more camping trips, and in 2012, a study showed that about 74% of those camping chose a public campground. Camping is an awesome way to disconnect, get into the great outdoors, and relax! Will you be camping this summer? If so, what are your plans?

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