Are you drawn to the waters? Does the feeling of waves rocking you to and fro calm you? Then perhaps fly fishing is right for you! Fishing, in general, has been used as a means of survival for centuries but has since taken a backseat in more of a calming, relaxing and even a competitive nature in some corners of the world.

It is not uncommon for children to fish as well. Parents across the world have shared their experience and love for fishing. In fact, 11.6 million children, between six and 17, were involved in fishing at some point in the year of 2017 in the United States. Youth alone too up a very big portion of the participation pie in 2017 but altogether an estimated total of 51.59 million people went freshwater, saltwater or fly fishing.

When it comes to revenue gained from fishing licenses, 2018 saw a healthy year. The United States tallied 30 million paid for fishing licenses in the year of 2018. Altogether the United States accumulated $720 million in revenue just from licenses alone. It seems to be a healthy investment considering the biggest portion of participants when fishing, or fly fishing, anywhere from four to eleven times during the year of 2017. However, a smaller portion of participants went as many, or more, than 104 times in that same year! That is around once every three days! Clearly, fishing is loved by many.

So where to start? Well, fishing in general is very friendly to beginners; easy to learn, hard to master. If you do not want to buy a boat just yet, then perhaps fly fishing is your go-to. Not to mention it only requires a small list of supplies.

First off, invest in your choice of a fly fishing tackle box or fly fishing tackle bag. Both provide a convenient place to store your fly fishing reels and baits. However, if you intend on hiking a bit to your preferred location, then a flying fishing gear bag will provide a storage container for fly reels and your fly rod while also keeping your hands free.

Next on your list is waterproof waders. You will be standing in the water which means you want to stay dry; waterproof waders will be your pal. Couple these with wading boots for better traction and grip in the water. Throw a hat on for good measure. This will protect you from some of the sun’s rays and keep your eyes in the shade while you are fly fishing.

And lastly, of course, is the rod itself and bait. Specific to fly fishing are many variations of rods. However, for beginners it is probably best to look for “moderate action” fly fishing rods. They offer handling and accuracy rather than fast-action. It is a very versatile rod, capable of handling many different conditions and is best suited as a jumping off point; a jack-of-all-trades, essentially. As for the bait, you will want to familiarize yourself with what fish you wish to catch to their respective choice of food. Fly fishing bait tends to look like a bug.

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