One of the last states to join the American Union, Alaska is often considered one of the most exotic states in the nation alongside Hawaii. Due to its vast wilderness and remote location (it’s closer to Canada and Russia than the Lower 48), Alaska may beckon as a thrilling tourist destination for some. Many Americans take part in domestic travel, and surveys show that most American workers like to take vacations to relax and recharge their minds while having fun in a new location. Often, these vacations are taken far from home, and for most Americans, Alaska is certainly far away. A person interested in Alaskan fishing vacations may look for Alaskan lodge vacation packages to get everything sorted out for their trip, and searching “Alaska fishing vacations all inclusive” online is a fine way to start. Fishers, big game hunters, and others may visit Alaska for everything that its rugged wilderness may have to offer. When searching for “Alaskan fishing vacations,” what might someone expect to find?

Alaska and Tourism

Despite being cold and far away, this state is popular for Alaskan fishing vacations or even dog sled racing. Alaska doesn’t have the sunny beaches of Florida, California, or Hawaii, but its great wilderness offers a lot for those who know what they’re doing. Statistics have been gathered to see how much American domestic tourists liked their trip to Alaska, and clearly, Americans love this state. What are Americans doing up there? Most Alaskan trips are for the vast wilderness. Aside from shopping (75% of Alaska guests do that), around 45% of tourists take part in wilderness viewing. There are many species to observe in this state, from certain bears and fish to moose and various birds. Many Americans also take day cruises there (39%), and nature and hiking tours prove popular as well. Sightseeing tours are a typical activity up in Alaska, and museums are also popular. These museums often have historical items or nature specimens that couldn’t possibly be found anywhere else in the United States.

Whether someone is visiting the museums in Anchorage or going on Alaskan fishing vacations, many Americans report having a wonderful time in Alaska. Some may think that visiting a sparsely populated, cold state would be miserable, but most often, the opposite is true. Anyone visiting Alaska knows quite well what they’re getting into, and they often enjoy what they find. Surveys have been conducted to see how happy Americans are about their Alaska visits, and the results are encouraging. Fully 75% of all Americans who visit Alaska said that they were very satisfied with their trip as a whole, and another 23% were moderately satisfied. Only a tiny minority, 1% of guests, said that they were unhappy with their trip there. What is more, guests to Alaska are often very impressed what they find there. A considerable 29% of guests said that their trip was much higher than expectations, and 36% found their trip somewhat higher than expectations. Out of all guests, only 2% or so felt that their trip was under their expectations.

Visiting This State

A person may visit Alaska for Alaskan fishing vacations, which may be among the most authentic ways to visit this huge state. Or, they may be going up to Alaska for big game hunting or simply hiking and doing some sightseeing. In other cases, Americans are visiting Alaska for a destination wedding. Exotic outdoor weddings are growing in popularity, and while the sunny beaches of Hawaii are very popular for this, Alaska is another solid option for many. During spring or summer, many part of Alaska may be warm and mild enough for outdoor weddings, and strategic locations outdoors may offer stunning views of mountains and glaciers, lakes, and more. This can make for an unforgettable trip.

Accommodations may vary. For a wedding, modern hotels may be desired for guests, and they may gather in a city or town such as Anchorage or Juneau for this. Buses or other vehicles can take them to the wedding site. Rustic adventurers looking for hunting or fishing may reserve log cabins online ahead of time, such as for Alaskan fishing vacations. Outdoors enthusiasts in fact prefer log cabins to a modern city hotel for authenticity, not just price differences.

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