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Having the chance to take a deep sea fishing trip is an opportunity that no fish enthusiast should pass up. By definition, fishing excursions in waters that are at least 100 feet deep are considered deep sea fishing. As you can guess, most commercial fisheries are conducted on deep sea fishing vessels, but there are also deep sea fishing tours that private sports fishing enthusiasts can participate in. If you are on the fence about whether or not to take the plunge into this fun excursion, or if you are new to the concept of deep sea sport fishing, here are a few reasons every serious fisherman needs to make a trip:

  1. You’re not a legitimate fisherman (or fisherwoman) until you have an awesome catch story. While deep sea fishing, you have the opportunity to catch fish that are much larger than you can from land. Imagine catching a fish so large that images and videos of it go viral across the internet. Guess what? That only happens when you are deep sea fishing. Give yourself the gift of a deep sea fishing tour for the sake of the stories you can tell your kids. And your kid’s kids.

  2. The sense of accomplishment. Taking a deep sea fishing trip creates an incredible adventure, and gives you the chance to catch some really big — and interesting — game. Want to catch a shark? That’s a deep sea fishing kind of catch. Crossing “go deep sea fishing” off of your bucket list gives you such a great sense of accomplishment and truly makes you an experienced fisherman. Once you’ve experienced this broad range of fishing outings, you’re qualified to issue fishing advice out to novice fishers, whether they ask for it or not.

  3. Improve your home decor. So many young people are running to Target and IKEA to decorate their homes these days. And their homes all look the same: like an underground bunker. If you want to add some real pizzazz to your interior design, you need a giant Marlin or Tuna that you caught yourself mounted on your mantle. That’s a unique piece that you just won’t find that at one of those big box stores, and your neighbors definitely won’t have anything like it. Not to mention, what a great conversation piece it is, when you have company you struggle to avoid awkward silences with.
  4. Make memories that last a lifetime. Picture yourself pulling in a huge fish as the sun sets (or rises) on the expansive water, and laughing with the people you love most. Taking an awesome deep sea fishing charter with your family and friends gives you the chance to build memories you all will cherish for a lifetime.

  5. Lower your blood pressure. You have a lot of responsibilities to juggle, and a lot of stress in your life. All of the stress you carry has a negative impact on your health. Your blood pressure is probably accelerating by the minute. If this describes you, taking a relaxing deep sea fishing trip might be just what the doctor orders. While you are relaxing on the deck of a large vessel, with the gentle rocking of the water around you to sooth your nerves, it is hard to have any cares in the world. Getting yourself away from the constant grind and recharging on a deep sea fishing trip might be exactly what you need to reset your stress levels and lower your blood pressure.

  6. Enjoy fresh cuisine. If you are a big seafood buff, you probably know how the flavor degrades and gets “fishier” the longer the fish has to travel to reach your plate. When you import the wild fish you eat, there is a minimum of several hours, to several days, from the time it is caught until it reaches your frying pan. On the other hand, when you catch your Mackerel or Snapper yourself, no time has to pass before it is served on your dinner table. There’s no such thing as fresher seafood than fish you catch yourself on a deep sea fishing trip.

Have you ever been deep sea fishing? Share your experience with us below!

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