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Did you know that 77% of Americans agree that outdoor recreation is an important part of their lives? If you?d agree with this statement, then you should consider your options for vacation year in light of where you can go to enjoy some real outdoor fun.

Ditch the plans to go to the amusement park where you?ll get an overpriced stuffed toy and have to wait in lines for half the day while listening to kids complain about how badly they want ice cream. Here are four great ideas for exploring the wilderness while you can.

The Appalachian Mountains

There are some people who spend months of their lives traveling the entire length of the Appalachian trail, a trail that follows this mountain range all the way from Maine to Georgia. If you don?t feel up to a 2,000 plus mile long hike, though, you can opt for just sections of the trail. There are numerous options for travelers and each state offers unique views, wildlife, and adventures. You can bring your tent and camp, or plan ahead and stop at cabins along the way.

Grand Canyon River Rafting

White water rafting has been becoming a more and more popular active activity for a number of adults, and it doesn?t get much better than rafting in the Grand Canyon. The Colorado River that flows through the canyon is long enough that you can choose from Grand Canyon river rafting in a number of states — Arizona, Colorado, or even Utah. It?s a good idea to sign up for Colorado rafting tours ahead of time since spots often fill up fast, and you?ll need time to prepare and plan for your journey. River raft trips are an adventure you will not forget.

Florida Swamps

Although many of us think of things like golfing, fishing and retirement when we think of Florida, it is actually a great place to get reaquainted with wildlife. The state has a number of state parks you can explore, and because of its tropical climate this state is home to a diverse array of species. There?s obviously the many alligators that are native to this area, but there are also many plant and small animal species that can be interesting to spot. Florida and its islands are often a popular location for bird watchers to vacation in, for example.

Western New York Vineyards

If you like nature but aren?t as much interested in walking and hiking, you might want to go on a tour of Western New York, which, while it has several populated cities, is more compromised by beautiful rolling hills and landscapes. Opt for a wine tour here and get some great photos of the natural outdoors.

Are you willing to go on a wine tour, venture through the swamps, go Grand Canyon river rafting, or trek through the Appalachians? Let us know in the comments.

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