Rods for beginners

Trout fishing is one of those sports that everyone can enjoy. You don’t need a lot of heavy equipment like boats and such, you just need the right outfit, a box of hooks, some nightcrawlers and if you don’t want your feet to get wet then a pair of wader boots but you can even forego those if you don’t mind getting wet.

You might feel like some fishers have all the luck and they get all the trout but that doesn’t have to be the case. There are certain techniques that work better than others depending on the type of trout you are going for but anyone can learn them; it just takes time, practice and knowledge.

The first and most obvious technique is to make sure that you were actually fishing in water where trout lives. If you are not in trout water you will not catch trout, it’s just not the way it works. So before you even go trout fishing, get a map of where you will be and make sure you are in the right area for the type of fraud you want to catch. So before you even go fishing, get a map of where you will be and make sure you are in the right area for the type of trout you want to catch. Also, make sure you are fishing at the right time of day for the season. Afternoon hours work in the spring but morning hours are better in the summer.

Now take a look at your bait. Night crawlers tend to be the best kind of bait for trout in general. However, anything that works is good; and by work I mean, it lures in the fish. Chub, water worms and hellgramits are also common types of bait used for trout fishing.

Now that you have the basic start up covered, time to work on your actual technique. As with all fishing you must remain quiet at all times. Trout cannot only hear you but they can see you, so try to remain hidden from the main area where the fish are. After you hook your bait once on either end, cast your line upstream allowing it to drift back towards you. Your line will float so it will be easy to tell if you have a bite. Try not to stand in the water while you are waiting for a bite as any movement will disrupt the water and send the fish in another direction. If you do disturb the water, you will have to move on to another pool.

The waiting game is the hardest part of trout fishing for impatient people. You have to remember that the best fishing is done in a relaxing, silent, methodical mood.

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