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Picture this: you’re out in the woods camping during the summer, and you’ve been in the sun all day. You go to reach for a drink of water… but taste nothing but lukewarm liquid. Ugh! Meanwhile, the ice packs you brought to keep your other drinks cold melted hours ago. If only you had something with you to keep your water or other beverages cool.

Fortunately, you don’t need to suffer through drinking warm water or being unable to keep your drinks cold when you go camping. All you really need to do is find the right cooler. Coolers come in a variety of styles and sizes, so you can be sure that you have the right supplies in the outdoors.

Which cooler sizes and styles will you need for your next camping trip? Use this quick and handy guide to find the cooler that’s right for your needs.

Gauging Cooler Sizes

Cooler sizes are usually measured in terms of the cooler’s capacity. The number you see next to the cooler is usually in quarts; however, some might measure gallons. Smaller coolers may only give you an estimate of the number of cans or bottles that it can hold. When you pick out a cooler, think about the duration of your trip and how many people will join you, then estimate how many drinks each person will need for each day. Once you’ve calculated these figures, you should be able to choose the correct size cooler.

Choosing Different Types of Coolers

Coolers may seem like a one size fits all kind of deal, but they’re actually just as diverse as the reasons people need them. Some coolers are made for camping, hunting, and fishing trips and are designed for being outdoors and in the wilderness for long periods of time and are ideal for the 38 million Americans who hunt and fish. These differ from other cooler types, like marine coolers to store fish or bait when angling. Boat coolers, meanwhile, are often designed to be installed on watercraft; on some ships, they may even be installed as full-on refrigerators and freezers. Sports fans, however, may be familiar with more portable tailgating coolers to hold some of their favorite drinks. Determine how you’ll use your cooler and then make the right choice with regard to style and capacity from there.

Determining How Your Cooler Is Used

Additionally, the type of cooler you choose doesn’t just need to be the right size or have the right amount of portability, even though those factors are important. Think about where the cooler will be used and when. Is it going to be installed permanently on something, like a truck or a boat? Or will it be kept just outside the tent when you go camping? Think about portability, too. A large cooler might sound great, but not if you can’t lift it. Most hikers walk at about two or three miles per hour, so consider backpack coolers if you will be walking a lot.

Which coolers do you think will work best for your needs? Tell us in the comments!

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