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When you hear the phrase outdoor sports what do you think of? Do you think of running around kicking a soccer ball, throwing a flying disk to your dog, or watching a football game? For many of you parents out there, your mind may have gone straight to the sidelines, where you’re sitting on the aluminum bleachers watching the young athletes play their game. For something so many people use, bleachers are rarely thought of.

What’s in a Name? The Origin of Bleachers

Now that you’re thinking of the seating, you may be wondering, where exactly did the term bleacher come from? Way back when before aluminum bleachers were created, wood was used for the benches. As many of us know first – – hand, wood tends to discolor in the sunlight, leaving a bleached look. Thus the term ‘bleacher’ was coined in 1889. Fans sitting on the benches were then called bleachers as well.

Bleachers For Children’s Events

Sports are incredibly important for children as they promote development, interaction, and good health. In fact, 75% of parents with middle school students and above encourage participation. This participation takes place both as an extension of the school and outside of school with the majority (60%) being the latter. Thirty – – five million children participate in sports each year – – those parents need to sit somewhere! This is where bleachers come into play. Most school bleachers are made of aluminum and, honestly, are incredibly uncomfortable. Parents of long term athletes often purchase foam cushions to sit on to protect their bottoms from what feels like warping due to the bleachers. Other types of cushions have backs to support a good posture.

Collegiate and Professional Sports Bleachers

The bleacher set – – ups for collegiate sports vary from school to school. Some of the less popular colleges or sports will have the aluminum bleachers or portable bleachers with between two to five rows of seating. More popular schools and professional sports will have much more sophisticated bleachers. These bleachers range from smaller bleachers that are 10 feet by 25 feet all the way up to full indoor and outdoor stadiums that are able to hold thousands of screaming fans. The average baseball stadium seats 47,000 fans while the average football stadium seats 70,000. Often, these will be fully equipped seats with padding and even a cup holder!

Next time you’re attending a indoor or outdoor sporting event, be sure to take a look at the seats you’re sitting on. Are they aluminum benches or plastic and foam fold – – down chairs? How many people can they hold? It’s amazing how many people don’t even given a thought to the simple things that make our lives easier!

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