Did you know that a golf cart isn’t just for the golf course? You can drive it on roads too, depending on which state you’re in. The video shows how to drive a golf cart.

Get into the cart and insert the key into the ignition. Buckle your seat belt and adjust your rear-view mirror as well.

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Press the brake pedal with your right foot and turn the car on. Release the handbrake by pushing its button. Check both sides of the road. If you’re reversing onto the road, click on the reverse switch, and gently reverse out of your driveway.

Once you’ve reversed and come to a complete halt, click the drive switch, and accelerate gradually. Always stop at stop signs and reduce the speed at intersections. Indicate when you want to turn left or right, slow down, and turn gently. To park, brake to stop, and then pull up the emergency brake. Switch the cart off by twisting the key and taking it out.

Ensure you observe state rules and speed limits and meet the federal requirements for operating the cart. You must be over 14 years old and may also need a driving permit to drive a golf cart.


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