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Although baseball can be traced as far back as the 18th century, Major League Baseball as we know it did not officially begin until 1869. The National League is about 25 years older than the American League, and had teams known as the Boston Red Stockings and Chicago White Stockings. The face of the sport has changed a lot since then, too. In the early 1900s, the uniforms were made out of wool, which did not bode well for the boys of summer. But not only have the uniforms improved, so have the salaries. On average, a major league baseball player earns $3.2 million; in the 1950s, the average salary was $14,000.

It can cost a lot to attend a game nowadays as well. The most expensive teams to watch at home are the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees with average tickets prices for a family of four costing $339 and $338, respectively. At the other end of the spectrum are the Arizona Diamondbacks, with four tickets averaging $120. The Minneapolis twins MN are smack dab in the middle with a four ticket tally averaging around $213. These costs, of course, do not take into account drinks, food, souvenirs, and Twins gear and Twins apparel. The cost of a hot dog and beer at Target Field, for example, will set you back $4.20 and $3.75.

For budget conscious fans, you do not have to wait to attend a game to get your share of Minnesota Twins gear. Plenty of online vendors sell official Twins gear at reasonable prices. Choices and selection of Twins gear varies, of course. Some online vendors specialize in Twins gear such as hats, t shirts, and jerseys; other sites offer more specialty Twins gear for true die hard fans such as auto accessories, flags, and kitchen and bar accessories.

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