Nowadays, there are many types of martial arts practiced in the United States, and there are many martial arts classes that you can quite easily sign up for, for that matter. Classes like Jiu Jitsu for beginners have become more and more popular with the passing of time, and Jiu Jitsu for beginners classes help to make martial arts accessible for a larger population than ever before. And aside from Jiu Jitsu for beginners classes, you can also take everything from kickboxing classes to mixed martial arts (also known as MMA) classes.

And participation in martial arts is very much on the rise, from Jiu Jitsu for beginners to Tai Chi and beyond. After all, more than three and a half million people participated in Tai Chi in the year of 2016 alone, a number that has only continued to grow since. And well over six and a half million people participated in kickboxing classes and the like over the course of that very same year. It is clear to see that mixed martial arts and even Jiu Jitsu for beginner are popular among much of the population, from children to adults to even elderly people.

After all, there are many benefits to participating in martial arts. For one thing, participating in everything from Jiu Jitsu for beginners to Tai Chi to kickboxing can help you to improve your level of physical fitness. In today’s world, this is something that is very necessary indeed. Unfortunately, far too many people are living very sedentary lifestyles, with a scant less than 5% of all adults living in the United States getting up and moving for even just 30 minutes out of the day. And these adults are also not meeting their weekly exercise recommendations as well (at least, this is the case for as many as two thirds of them).

Even more unfortunately, sedentary lifestyles are far too prevalent among the population of children in this country as well. In many cases, this can be attributed to the rampant use of various types of electronics, from cell phones to televisions to tablets and even beyond to far more. After all, more than half of all parents (around two thirds of them, to be just a bit more specific and accurate) have expressed some level of concern over how much their children use and even rely on various electronic devices. Instead of playing on phones and tablets and the like, these children should ideally be getting at least one full hour of relatively intensive physical play and activity over the course of your typical day, if not even more movement than this.

Fortunately, martial arts, even Jiu Jitsu for beginners, can provide the amount of physical movement that just about every person needs over the course of a day. In fact, just participating in an intense session of martial arts that lasts just one hour can end up burning as many as 500 total calories, though this number is based off of adults who participate in the sport. Children can also get a tremendous benefit too, though, learning everything from endurance to strength to discipline, something that many practices and styles of martial art also focus on. And in cases of Jiu Jitsu for beginners and a number of other martial arts varieties, self defense is also one more important lesson that is imparted.

For people who are a part of the elderly community, having reached and surpassed the age of 65, there are many benefits to Tai Chi in particular. Tai Chi is a form of martial arts that has been around for an incredibly long time indeed, with some estimates putting it at least 2,000 years old, if not even older than that. For many people, participating in Tai Chi not only lends more physical strength, but also a greater sense of balance, stamina, and overall flexibility. After all, more than half of all elderly people who participate in Tai Chi have noted a marked increase in everything from balance to endurance and overall confidence in their bodies. This can have a tremendous impact on their overall quality of life as well.

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