Like any other water vessel, pontoon boats require proper maintenance to run smoothly while they’re out on the water. Whether your pontoon boat was a used boat for sale or a brand new model from your local boat dealer, here are a few essential maintenance tips to help you keep it running for years to come.

Use a Dedicated Aluminum Cleaner

When it comes to pontoon boats, cleaning the pontoons themselves with soap and water just isn’t enough. Instead of risking corrosion and other damage when you clean with soap and water, invest in a dedicated aluminum cleaner for your boat. Not only will a dedicated aluminum cleaner avoid damaging your pontoons, but it will also likely offer brightening and polishing properties that soap and water simply can’t offer. Once your aluminum has lost its shine, it can be incredibly tough to get it back. When you invest in a dedicated aluminum cleaner that has anti-oxidant properties, you’re more likely to maintain the original state of your pontoons over time.

Cover Your Boat When It’s Not in Use

This is a pretty standard maintenance tip for fishing boats and pontoon boats alike. When you’re not using your boat, make sure it gets covered up! This is especially important when you’re trying to protect your pontoons. Not only can they get discolored in the sun, but your boat’s integrity could be damaged over time if it continually gets left in the sun. If you’re not sure when to cover your boat, the answer is whenever you’re not using it, whether it’s cloudy or the skies are clear.

Understand How Different Salinity Levels Affect Your Boat

Fresh water and salt water have wildly different effects on boats. The key to maintaining your boat’s integrity and functionality no matter what type of water it’s in is to understand how different salinity levels affect it. Salt water may corrode your pontoons more quickly, which means you’ll need to wax them more frequently. It also may behoove you to flush your engine more frequently if you’re operating in salt water.

Taking care of your pontoon boat doesn’t have to be a full-time job, but you should spend time maintaining it every time you use it. Don’t forget these three tips!

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