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The Grand Canyon has been one of the most popular destinations on Earth for hundreds of years. It’s easy to see why — arguably one of the most aesthetically pleasing locations on Earth, it also plays host to some of the most historic sites our great nation has to offer. People have been going there for years to do research, to study, for sightseeing, for vacation, you name it.

Over the years, Grand Canyon White Water rafting trips have become one of the area’s most popular and enduring activities. Taking visitors on a thrilling splashfest of a ride down the meandering Colorado river, it’s easy to see why this activity became so popular so fast. Just about any Grand Canyon travel package is built to include some sort of option for white water rafting through the Grand Canyon.

Rafting through the Grand Canyon is one of the most thrilling adventures an outdoorsman or a person who loves nature can embark on. There are lulls of peaceful rowing where you can take in the sights, breath in the brisk Canyon air, and enjoy the moments of calm and serenity and oneness with nature. But, you’d better get a good look while things are slow! These rafting tours can also get downright wild — kayaking down a bendy, twisting river flowing with turbulent waters. The current is so strong and so rough in parts of the river that the water is constantly crashing against rocks and bits of the shore, producing a never ending flurry of white spray from the river. This ceaseless splashing is what gives genesis to the name “white water rafting.”

If you’re considering going on one of these Grand Canyon white water rafting trips, truly, do not hesitate. A lot of vacationers express hesitation or even fear in experiencing this one-of-a-kind adventure. Around 28 percent of Americans report trying, or at least wanting to try, white water rafting. Don’t miss out and let yourself become one of the other 72 percent!

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