Athleticism has been a cornerstone of human achievement since the beginning of tracking any type of human achievement. Artists create entire worlds, politicians govern, or try to govern, the real world and athletes use their body as a canvas, pushing themselves to their limits as a form of basic expression. It’s no surprise, then, that sports have permeated every level of every culture, from ancient Greece and China to all modern day countries as well. Not every one of these sports is the same, of course. Many of them are different in different parts of the world, even sports that are similar might have different rules from country to country. Not all of them require the same type of athleticism either. Some require endurance, others require perfect balance and years of training to be enacted successfully. Bowling, for example, while taking a major amount of hand eye coordination, is going to require less sheer endurance than cross country or skiing might. Every sport is a bit different but the expression and the impressiveness of the actions certainly does not vary from culture to culture. A move in baseball that is impressive in Japan is going to be just as impressive as a similar move in the United States. Let’s take a closer look at some of these sports, then, and see how they compare to each other. Only with a closer look can we truly appreciate the amount of effort that goes into each of them.
Golf and the Green
Golf is definitely an understate and underrated sport. While others sports like soccer, rugby and football get massive amounts of attention and huge stadiums, golf has a much quieter and universal reach. Most countries have avid golfers and many golf courses in different areas. You can see the cultural cache of golf in everything from golf celebrities to golf simulators, whether it be a home golf simulator or a golf simulator for safe. Golf is everywhere and it’s hard to deny it. Golf itself is a very difficult sport though it may not look it at first. At first glance, it seems like it might not take that much physical effort or skill but, upon a closer look, that just is not true. Golfers, for example, need to have strong and durable arms for swinging and, perhaps more importantly, a very keen hand and eye to get the ball where it needs to go. Several physical traits have to be honed to perfection before an athlete can become a professional golfer of any real renown. Golf is old as well, having started in Scotland and then spreading everywhere until it became a billion dollar industry with millions of followers. With that age, has come a certain distinguishing quality for golf as well a rich and storied history.
Similar sports
Golf isn’t the only sport with a quietly understated need for precision and endurance. Just as there are top golf simulators and other examples of how popular and difficult golf is, tennis is another sport that is both internationally famous and much more difficult than it looks. Tennis, to start, requires the same amount of hand and eye coordination that golf does. It requires at least enough to hit a moving target multiple times into the exact position you want it. This takes years of practice, at least as much as it takes for golf, if not more. Tennis is also punishing on the body. Certain stances have be taken and the constant swinging and training can wear on the arms after many many years. Tennis courts are well groomed and well kept but they are still hard and unforgiving after a few dangerous spills. But this toughness and precision makes tennis a must watch sport for millions of people all over the world. They tune in to watch both men and women put their bodies on the line in a contest to see who has the most endurance and skill. While both golf and tennis are not as fast paced or flashy as, say, American football, both are very old and have many under told stories in terms of athletes and matches. Who knows what will happen next?

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