Athleticism has been a cornerstone of human achievement since the beginning of tracking any type of human achievement. Artists create entire worlds, politicians govern, or try to govern, the real world and athletes use their body as a canvas, pushing themselves to their limits as a form of basic expression. It’s no surprise, then, that sports have permeated every level of every culture, from ancient Greece and China to all modern day countries as well. Not every one of these sports is the same, of course. Many of them are different in different parts of the world, even sports that are similar might have different rules from country to country. Not all of them require the same type of athleticism either. Some require endurance, others require perfect balance and years of training to be enacted successfully. Bowling, for example, while taking a major amount of hand eye coordination, is going to require less sheer endurance than cross country or skiing might. Every sport is a bit differen Read more: “A Brief Look at Golf”

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